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Smith's Professional Grounds Maintenance prides itself in getting each pruning cut just right, and preserving your greenery for future enjoyment.


  • Ornamental plants and trees require pruning at certain times of the year in order to remain healthy and to prevent overgrowth, crowding out other plants.
  • Pruning trees can be done to contain the canopy size and to remove interior limbs to prevent rubbing which causes wounds that can make the tree susceptible to disease and insects.
  • Single blooming perennials should be deadheaded during the growing season to remove spent leaves and flowers to provide for more flowers to develop.
  • All perennials should be cut back in the fall to remove spent leaves and stalks.


  • Fertilization needs vary according to the species of plants.
  • After evaluating the type of shrubs and ornamental plants, a fertilization plan can be developed.

Shrub trimming:

  • Non flowering shrubs and hedges should be trimmed as needed during the growing season to prevent overgrowth.
  • Depending on the variety, more trimming may be necessary.
  • Some varieties such as Azalea require pruning soon after blooming.

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